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We are very familiar with our community’s terrain because of our communal
activities and we hope to connect you to your prospective customers.

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We introduce to your establishment the Nigerian chamber of commerce- USA specially designed community marketing program for corporation like yours in America.
Recent developments have revealed the tremendous increase in the quest by Africans in general and Nigeria communities in particular for your products and services. The Nigeria chamber of commerce – USA is therefore poised towards ensuring that their needs for your products and services are met.
The Nigerian Chamber of Commerce – USA (NICOCUSA) request your consideration for participating in our community marketing and new customer drive program. NICOCUSA was borne out of the need to create a bridge between the United States and Nigeria and Africa as a whole with a focus on economic development, educational and socio- cultural exchange programs.


Nigerian Chamber of Commerce-USA (NICOCUSA) was founded by Gregory Ihenacho in the year 2002. As an enterprising young man, Mr. Ihenacho perceived the imperative and effects of business network. NICOCUSA was therefore created to bridge the gap that exists between business communities in the United States and in Nigeria. The founder, who has passion for creating a vibrant and sustainable international business league, has profoundly been of remarkable impact in bringing together so many Nigerian and US businesses to liaise since the establishment of NICOCUSA. The organization, which was fashioned to promote business and information exchange between the United States and Nigeria, is currently held in high repute.

The Nigerian Chamber of Commerce-USA is established to promote international trade, cultural and education exchanges between the peoples and business communities of the United States and Nigeria. Our approach is to lobby both countries' law makers; fight unfavorable trade policies and restrictions, hold periodic trade briefings and assiduously work to correct the poor image and perception many Americans associate with the Nigerian government, and Nigerians in general.


To create enough awareness to sensitize primarily the U.S. congress, business leaders and the public about the potentials and tremendous growth opportunities offered by the emerging Nigerian economy.

To establish strategic alliance between the United States and Nigeria that will enable an increase exploration, promotion and development of mutually rewarding international trade and investment opportunities.

To increase international trade and investments opportunities between the United States and Nigeria.

To increase opportunities to generate new sources of revenues for governments, businesses and workers.

To improve quality of live and environment in Nigeria with improved national economy. To increase and improve cultural and academic exchanges and relationship between both countries.


NICOCUSA seeks to stimulate a vibrant business economy for US businesses and Nigerian business to trade, while being reputed as one of the best chambers of commerce across the nation.


Our aim and objective is to act as a veritable bridge between your establishment and the African community in general and Nigerian community in particular living in California, United States. We are very familiar with our community’s terrain because of our communal activities and we hope to connect you to your prospective customers using our tested and proven methods of marketing. This includes online marketing, using our data base which is close to six million memberships, liaising with ethnic/social associations and groups.


We shall organize a forum specifically design for your establishment at strategic places within our community in Los Angeles, California. The essence of these is to establish a mutual relationship between our community and your establishment.
Furthermore, we shall produce a video commercial about your establishment, products and locations. This will be used to sensitize and inform members of the African/Nigerian community living in Los Angeles, California. We will run this video in the social media to reach over six million members the African/Nigerian communities in our data base.
Finally, we will in addition to the above, package or repackage your products and services and market them to our African and Nigerian Community living here in the United States of America. We will put into consideration our local Nigerian contents which are peculiar to us in order to make your establishment, product and services more acceptable to our community.

Marketing Growth

In order to achieve our aims and objectives, we will expect a token marketing fee of $5,000 (five thousand dollars). This will cover the cost of:
• Video commercial about your company, goods and services specifically designed to target members of community.
• Electronic and print media advertisement within the African cultural event programs.
• Printing of flyers and posters strategically distributed and pasted at various African establishments all across the United States.
• Renting of venue for a one-on-one customer drive program.
• Community based Website customized website development: Our website development division of the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce-USA, Pack N Cash ( will develop a brand new website specifically designed to showcase your company, products and services to our greater community. This platform could be used to share your company’s discounts, promotions and corporate responsibility to members of our community.


1. One-year free Chamber membership (valued at $2500)
2. Complimentary or Discounted Admission to NICOCUSA Signature Events and Mixers
3. Complimentary Listing on the Official NICOCUSA Website at
4. Complimentary Business Start-Up Assistance (Trademarks, Copyright, Incorporations)
5. Complimentary Event Planning Services (Government, Corporate, Seminars, Symposiums)
6. Complimentary Visa Facilitation Service (Invitation Letters, Endorsements)
7. Complimentary Travel Planning (Visas, Air/Ground Transportation, Hotel, and Meals)
8. Complimentary Assistance with Large Scale Procurements (Shares and Bonds, Personal and/or Commercial Real Estate, Vehicles, Tools, Machinery)

Nigerian Chamber of Commerce United States Office

We look forward to welcoming you to our large family of solid middle class, well educated potential consumers living here in the United States of America. Our community boasts of a buying power of $75 billion dollars and still growing!

Should you have any further inquiry regarding this proposal, do not hesitate to reach our corporate head office.

  • Address 468 North Camden Drive, Suite #234 Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • Phone (+1) 310 285-1719

Nigerian Chamber of Commerce Nigeria Office

  • Address No 52 International Airport Road Mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos
  • Phone (+234) 813 574 2267